Starseed Support & Star Soul Sessions

Starseed Support & Star Soul Sessions

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With over 5 years as an awakened Starseed, continued contact with the interdimensional and intergalactic Councils of Light, and over a dozen star system origins personally unlocked, the time has come for me offer Starseed Support & Star Soul Sessions, world (& Universe) - wide.

My 1 on 1 clients have benefited from this for years; but I am now opening the gates up to support more of you, my beautiful Starseed family. 

In Starseed Support Sessions, we’ll discuss & channel :

💠 *Your Star origins (ones known to you, new ones, and/or deeper levels of your history),

💠 How those past/parallel realities may still be affecting you,

💠 How you can better connect with your Star Family

💠 Understanding/unlocking access to *your unique signs and symbols from/for your Star Family and Higher Selves,

💠 How your Starseed lifetimes are related to your mission(s) &/or wounds,

💠 Help you navigate contact and understand your downloads,

💠 Help you to use / unlock more of your Starseed superpowers, and more.

If you’re here, you probably already know; but just in case, let’s talk about Starseeds …

What is a Starseed ?:

A Starseed, is a soul who has been “seeded” or incarnated on this planet from another planet, galaxy, or star system. These alternate incarnations, can account for past, parallel, or interdimensional lives in these galactic locations. Being a Starseed does not mean you haven’t had other lives upon Earth, it simply means that the origin point(s) of your soul’s physical incarnations were not hosted here on Earth.

Starseed souls often “feel different”, have contact/access to alternate dimensions and gifts, and have trouble understanding Earth peoples’ ways, injustices and limitations. Starseed souls are here to change the world, by using their gifts, or simply by being themselves and emanating their enhanced frequency, wherever they are.

Though very often brilliant and extremely connected to the cosmos and the energies of Nature and the Universe, Star Souls can often find trouble being understood or connecting with Earth based brothers, sisters, and family members. Because we were “seeded” here, (though we did volunteer on an soul level), many times we have an intense abandoment wound, and long for home. This is when connecting with our Star Family becomes extremely helpful, in our healing, and in our remembering the reasons we are here 🌍, and living “Life” to the fullest.

Famous Starseeds include Nikola Tesla, who was reported to be from Venus (verified in C 👁 Â documentation), and who in my experience was also from Sirius; Albert Einstein, who often meditated “among the stars” to produce his ideas and theories; Leonardo Da Vinci, who drew/invented and received inspirations from his galactic originations, and more.

Many “famous” souls, artists, intellectuals, environmentalists, channelers, psychics, teachers, leaders, and healers are also Starseeds, all using our gifts in different ways, and sometimes, playing into different “agendas”.

Understanding your Starseed history, can help you to alleviate karmas and patterns, as well as help to unlock your mission(s), bonus DNA 🧬, and extra sensory abilities 🌟.

Personally, I am currently connected with my Star Selves, families, and Councils, from the Stars ~ 🌟 Sirius (A, B, & C), 🌟 Lyra, 🌟 Vega, 🌌 Andromeda Galaxy, 🌟 Arcturus, 🐻 Ursa Major and Minor, 🌟 Hyades, 🌟 Pleiades, 🌟 Alpha Centauri, 🌟Hadar/Beta Centauri, 🌟 Antares, 🌟Mintaka, 🌟 Orion, and more. I’ve also had multiple “kinds” of contact; and traveled through the astral realms, through over 100 dimensional levels, and to Councils of Light and various star systems for decades (for years before I understood/was consciously awakened to & accepting of what a Starseed was).

Its important to remember that just as you can have more than 1 lifetime on Earth, you most probably have lives and links to more than 1 star system. The ways in which they unlock and reveal themselves are sacred, and always in divine timing to work with and light up your soul, your DNA, your life, gifts, work, and planet 🌎.

Its also worth noting, that sometimes your star family includes your own Higher Self, part of whom is still inhabiting that particular dimension or star system.

It is my belief that knowing our histories is a powerful tool, channeling and connecting is invaluable; but knowing how to integrate these essences and connections into our lives here 🌏, that is where true power waits, to ascend us into our Birthrights 🌠.

How it works / How to schedule :

 Sessions are currently scheduled 2 days - 2 weeks after payment. Appointments are arranged via email within 24 hours of your paid purchase (or contact if you prefer to discuss before).

Currently conducted via phone for US clients, or via Zoom (always via Zoom or Skype for international clients). Most timezones (& timelines ;) are accomodated.

With each session, you will also receive an audio or video recording via digital download after session.

Choose from 1 and 2 hour sessions, or Contact Me about a package for continued growth/support, and/or to incorporate Sekhem/Quantum Energy Healing into your sessions package. (* If you go over time in an individual session, you may be required to pay an extra fee via PayPal invoice, this will be discussed during session).

If you’d like to go beyond Starseed Support and into the other areas of your life, consider a comprehensive Quantum Session or Package with me instead.

*Please note, these sessions are for those who already have respect for this work and these possibilities. This is Not a “Talk to Aliens” party line, this is serious channeling, with respect for All involved. You don’t have to know everything about Starseeds, or even be fully convinced yet; but you must respect the work. Thank you for using your consciousness in this way 🙏.

Disclaimer :

Please note that spiritual readings (&/or healings) should never be taken as absolutes. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any issue or disease; or to substitute any medical, financial, legal, or mental health care advice or treatment. If you need medical attention, it is up to you to seek medical/mental healthcare help, from an accredited professional (which I am not). I cannot be held responsible for anything you choose to do/not do, with or because of your session(s). The terms reading and healing are used subjectively (for spiritual, educational, and “entertainment” purposes only). ‘Results’ are subjective to your energy, belief systems, and steps in which you take going forward.  Rights to any and all recordings, exchanges, photos, writings, formats, or practices, and the contents of my readings, recordings, &/or channelings, remain mine. You may not reproduce my works/writings, or share them without credit &/or written consent. That disclaimer being said, I Am certain you were lead here for a transformative experience. If you feel comfortable doing so, I would be very pleased for you to share your testimonials via email or social media tagging me @DsEnlightenedEdits. Refunds on sessions and packages are not available. Thank you for your respect and Understanding 🦋. Be Blessed and Blessings Be 𓌂𓎬☆🌈.