SpiritAnimalMedicine mini Readings

SpiritAnimalMedicine mini Readings

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Happy Holidays! These mini readings can also made into Gift Certificates for a unique gift that keeps on giving ;). For price breaks and Buy1Get1s, visit this 👉 Gift Certificates page 👈🎊❣️ *Can be saved for future use, purchase now and save for up to 1 year, to Lock in Pricing.

Animal guides and totems can help us navigate this life in so many ways, as the Universe loves to work with us through Animals.

These readings are designed not only to give you guidance from the Animal Kingdom; but also to help you build your spiritual vocabulary.

Having a mini Reading in this way, means receiving quick guidance and answers to your queries, as well as lasting connections to a guide who can continue to work with you on your journey.

These animal guides are able to signal us, through simple signs & symbols in our daily lives. This helps us to continue to connect; and receive profound messages, healings, awakenings, and guidances, on their behalf, & in the most amazing of ways. These messages often become our medicine, leading us gently but powerfully, through most any situation.

🌞 How it works when purchasing:
• Checkout selecting an option for 1 or 3 animal guides. Selecting 1 guide = asking 1 question, Selecting 3 = 3 questions, guides, or topics.
During checkout, use the 'Add a Note to my Order' section, to write a brief description of your question/query.
• Alternative to asking questions (which can be as specific as you like), you can also ask for advice regarding individualized areas in your life (such as romance, career/finance, family, health, spiritual practice, etc). ¤ Examples of Questions can look like :
"Who is my guide / What is my advice for ...
-romance, -finances, -family or friend situation, -health issue, -next level of spiritual practice &/or -career, etc".

✨How you'll receive your reading :

After your purchase, you'll receive an email with your answers. This will include a photo of your animal (either as an oracle card, or of them in a position they wish to share), as well as an audio recording with your channeled message. This recorded reading will also contain vocal light codes; and will be in a downloadable mp3 file format, for you to listen to as often as you like.
- Readings will arrive to the email used during checkout within 4 - 48 hours (depending on scheduling and availability).
*The only information I need to deliver your reading is your query, your 1st name (if that is different than the one being used during checkout, please specify this in notes), and your email. If you wish to receive your message somewhere other than the email used during checkout, please write that in notes, or reply to your order confirmation. Please check your spam folders if you do not see your messages within time frame specified. Recordings may come as an attached email file, or as a digital downloads link, depending upon file size.

Overall, Spirit Animal Medicine readings can give you guidance for both your soul and current situations; helping you to take on your Guide’s perspective, and build strengths in the areas in which they excel, in order to grow, heal, and rise through this phase or lesson in your life.

For example :
🦁Lions can help you remain strong and regal; and connect with deities such as Sekhmet, or star family such as the Lyrans.

🦉Owls can help you with wealth and wisdom; and connect you with deities such as Athena and Lakshmi.

🐬Orca can help you break down duality; and dive to new depths of relationships, language, emotions, love, loyalty etc, while also having the ability to connect you with ancient peoples, or star family such as the Sirians.

When you're ready for more in depth guidance, consider a full [Live] Quantum Session with me, which can be purchased here 🧿.

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You can also Contact Me , to see if we're a good fit for Quantum Coaching and Energy𓌂Healing Packages.

I look forward to working with you and am thankful you are taking steps to work with Mother Nature and our beautiful Animal Guides, as you enjoyably expand your light.

Be Blessed beautiful Soul; Thank You for being here. With LoveLight & Light Codes ... 𓌂©~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®~🌈𓌂


Disclaimer :

Please note that spiritual readings (&/or healings) should never be taken as absolutes. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any issue or disease; or to substitute any medical, financial, legal, or mental health care advice or treatment. If you need medical attention, it is up to you to seek medical/mental healthcare help, from an accredited professional (which I am not). I cannot be held responsible for anything you choose to do/not do, with or because of your session(s). The terms reading, medicine, and healing are used subjectively (for spiritual, educational, and “entertainment” purposes only). ‘Results’ are subjective to your energy, belief systems, and steps in which you take going forward.  Rights to any and all recordings, exchanges, photos, writings, formats, or practices, and the contents of my readings, recordings, &/or channelings, remain mine. You may not reproduce my works/writings, or share them without credit &/or written consent. That disclaimer being said, I Am certain you were lead here for a transformative experience. If you feel comfortable doing so, I would be very pleased for you to share your testimonials via email or social media tagging me @DsEnlightenedEdits. Refunds on sessions, products, and packages are not available. Thank you for your respect and Understanding 🦋. Be Blessed and Blessings Be 𓌂𓎬☆🌈.