Free Princess Diana, Digital Download, Mandala. Diana, Sirian Star. #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™  Quantum Energy Imagery. {Free Infusion}.

Free Princess Diana, Digital Download, Mandala. Diana, Sirian Star. #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™ Quantum Energy Imagery. {Free Infusion}.

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Hello and welcome! I am so pleased you found your way here to participate in the energy with Princess Diana and me. Please continue reading for more on the energy & connections, including IMPORTANT disclaimers/terms of use & Energy/Meditation recommendations. When you perform your free checkout, you will be directed to download a copy of the image only, so please take note of &/or print the recommendations below, if you find that you’d like to use them. Thank you loves, Be Blessed.

The following piece is one created and infused with Divine Energy. You can use the piece however feels best for you (though it is strictly NOT FOR SALE, SHARING, OR REPRODUCTION, AND ALL RIGHTS ARE RESERVED BY ME). However, here you will find recommendations, for meditating with/energy sending/receiving with your copy of the piece ⤵️.

Meditation Suggestions (Print this page along with your photo copy for future reference):

✨ The 1st way you can use the image is as a meditative focal point. Simply gaze upon it, see what appears or comes through for you (visually and or energetically). Take notes or journal if you wish. You can also print a copy &/or Zoom in on your devices for fuller effect.

✨ You may also wish to print a copy to hang up (for personal use ONLY), place on your altar, or use its symmetry as a base for crystal grids.

To receive energy through the piece : Focus 1st on the blue center star. Center yourself and ask for your angels/guide teams to be present. Ask and allow yourself to receive any energy which is for your highest good at this time. Imagine it flowing out of the center portal, and into your heart. You can then direct and move the energy anywhere else it needs to flow. You may also place your left (feminine energy) &/or non dominant receiving hand over the image if called. Take note of any feelings, thoughts or messages you receive during this process. You may of course also look into the eyes and face of Diana, but please note that it is her choice of when/how she feels it is appropriate to work with you or others. (This piece makes no demands upon her or her energy🙏). When you feel finished, Thank Diana and the Angels and close the portal as though you were closing a door in your mind (knowing you can always come back again at any time).

To send energy through the piece : Asking for your guide teams to be present, center yourself and then focus on the blue center star. Call in, receive, and act with your own higher self. Focus on the feelings of Love, and the connections your soul has with your own heart. Know that you have the power to send energy through the power of Love. If you are sending Love/Healing energy (with permission/appropriateness and light intention to do so), you can build it up and then send it, out of your heart and through the center portal star. Ask your angels and the energy of the Holy Mother to help, and believe it is received by your intendant in the right ways, space, and time. It may also help to visualize your intendant at the center point, &/or place your dominant energy sending hand, over the center over the star as you send it. When you feel finished, say “With Highest Love, it is done.” Thank Diana and the Angels, and close the portal as though you were closing a door in your mind (knowing you can always come back again at any time). Come back to yourself in gratitude for what you have sent in kindness and love.

We would also like it, if you used this piece periodically using the manner above to send Love and Healing to our world, to Gaia, to our world’s suffering, and to its Children in Diana’s honor. I would also very much appreciate it, if you did the same in gratitude to Diana’s spirit as you feel called.

I would love to hear your experiences with this, so please feel free to  contact   Me here &/or on Instagram @DsEnlightenedEdits.

🙏 This energy is shared with Love; however those called and able can support my energy with all amounts appreciated donations by clicking here or “tipping” during your free checkout.

About Lady Diana, and my connection with her:

Princess Diana Frances Spencer, was one of the most extraordinary souls this plant has yet seen. Personally, I developed a relationship with her spirit, immediately upon her passing. I was a young girl, 8 years old, getting ready to go back to school that week. I felt compelled to stay up late (it was the last night I could do so, before school started up again for the semester). I begged my mother to stay up with me and play Nintendo 64. While playing, I suddenly got up and switched the television off of the game, and directly onto a channel with the news of Diana’s crash. I just felt it, my soul was called; and suddenly at 8 years old, I found myself holding the kind of prayer and healing space that I do now as an adult channel and healer. I didn't understand it then, but I know I was not the only “gifted” one, who felt this call.

Diana’s death (we won't go into how it came to be), sent ripples through our worlds. Many loved her, but as soon as she was (physically) gone, almost everyone felt the impact. This is because Lady Diana was an Empath to the extreme. In my opinion and experience, she was here on earth not only as a beautiful soul, but as an archetype and healer. She knew from a young age that she was preparing for “some role", she would often say it; and later in life began to explore more of this, with the help of many mystical friends and advisors (including astrologers, psychics, angelic channels & more). I believe through the exploration of these arts and fields, she was also exploring and growing her own gifts. In my opinion, Diana was not only empathic and intuitive, but also a Twin Flame, and a hands on energy healer. This to me explains why she felt so compelled to be the first royal not to wear gloves, to actually reach out and touch people. Her connections with children and her visits to hospitals are legendary; but in truth anyone who got so much as a handshake, hug, or sweet smile from Diana felt it forever. Her energy was and is extremely and powerfully healing; coming directly from heart center, and in my experience with elements stemming from Holy Mother and Sirius.

I feel that because I was a child when she passed, because I am energetically open, and because I am part of the same Sirian, Holy Mother, & Twin Flame collectives as Diana, she felt my resonance and took me under her wing in spirit. I am very grateful that she has continued to be a blessed and beautiful part of my life, always available as a mentor or friend when I need her; but also seeing and treating me as an equal at soul level. I know that she has this type of connection with many in our world, and I am thankful to be both part of that grouping, and one able to channel and be a creative conduit for the energies.

Thus we have this piece, created in honor of Diana, (originally in the week that would have been her 60th birthday). It can act as a portal, energy stream, &/or meditative focal point for you. Created, Blessed and imbued with quantum energy, this image is able to help you send and receive energy through quantum fields. It can be energetically activating for you, and has many symbols and faces that appear naturally through the #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™ process (see below for more on that &/0r click HERE to order customs). Energy/Faces etc, are able to be viewed most easily as you zoom in (especially within the Blue areas, as blue is very connected with Diana, Holy Mother, & Sirius).

🔮 If you feel in resonance and called, and would like to explore more, you are welcomed to engage in ➡️ QUANTUM SESSIONS with me; &/or ➡️ contact me about Quantum EnergyHealing &/or Life/Consciousness Coaching packages.

🌟🌟This is image is an example of my energy art infusion services. Custom #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Activations can be purchased digitally by Clicking ⬅️ Here, or contact for further inquiries and options.🌈🌌

Be Blessed beautiful Souls. With LoveLight & Light Codes 𓌂💙💜®©~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®©~☆🌈𓌂𓁿© ™®𓌂

More about our #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Quantum Energy Imagery :
#DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Quantum Energy Infusion Imagery®, is a process created by my guides and myself, whereby following divine guidance, I create and utilize images and artworks, then layer and mirror them, to aide in the viewing of interdimensional faces, energies, sacred shapes, energy portals, light codes, and light beings. Any faces you see are not added purposefully, they naturally appear through my guides and my quantum transmissionary process.

These pieces are energy activating, especially to your third eye; and have the power to lift and shift with you, meaning you may be able to perceive new faces and codes, as you continue to look, feel, and work with them. Although they are amazing pieces of artwork, and will energetically enhance the beauty and aura of any space, they really shine when worked with as meditation focal points. Zoom in and look closely to get the full effects, as littles love to say hello and make their big presence known.


IMPORTANT Disclaimer/Terms of Use:

Please note that your copy entitles you to personal use ONLY. I retain all rights to the piece, its dissemination and reproduction. I ask that rather than share it with others, you direct them here to receive their own copy, on this page it will remain digitally free. If you share about it on social media, kindly link/direct others here ➕tag and credit me @DsEnlightenedEdits, The piece is guarded and watched over by ArchAngels; it cannot be used for nefarious purposes or negative energy sending. Do not attempt this, as the energy will only be returned to you. I am not responsible for you or what you experience or choose to do, because of this energy. “Results” and energy are subjective and cannot be guaranteed. Please be responsible and seek the help of medical/mental healthcare professionals if you need it (as Diana herself did and would have done). Be Blessed, Ground and Fly High 💙🌈🕊.