* Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.
* Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.
* Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.
* Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, * Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, * Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, * Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, * Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.

* Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds * Premium Poster Energy Artwork.

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Add a window to the stars, to Lion strength and Lyran LoveLight, in any bedroom, living or professional space, or to your favorite meditation area, with these premium art print posters.

Energy encoded for those inclined to invite, enjoy, and experience it. {Additional video activation also available}. Excellent focal pieces for visual meditation and activation ✨⚡️🌈🌌. Enjoy Loves 🦁💙🦁.

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Part of the ‘Lyran in the Sky with Diamonds’ collection by 𓌂®©♡ DAMCL Designs™ ®©☆ 𓌂:

Whether you just love lions, appreciate them as your spirit animal or totem, are a Leo♌️ , or know and love them in their forms as Goddesses, Gods, or Starbeings … this collection is for you (& me☺️, & them 🦁👑🌈🌌✨☀️).

The energetically charged artwork in this collection, is designed to help you enjoy, invite, and tap further into your own inner Lion or Lioness, while also paying homage and honor to our beautiful leonine guides. Simply having it around you and in your space, allowing it to do its thing is enough; or you can use it as a focal piece during visual meditations. {*Energy Activation, Light Codes Meditation video also available through digital download.*}

Understanding the lion/lyran energy is also powerful, so let’s do what I do best, and deep dive a bit further with this energy shall we? It is also perfectly alright if you just like the looks of this piece, but I love sharing knowledge, and feel much a part of the history of our lion friends, perhaps you do as well ;) …

Lion as Spirit Animal, Soul Aspect, Totem, or Guide:
When lion is your totem or guide, it is time to remember and honor your power and your might. Lions help us reignite our dignity, remember and reawaken our soul sovereignty, and keep our heads up – no matter what we are faced with. They are keepers and cultivators of courage and of caring. Lion people can confront any situation head on, so long as they remember to play it smart, tap back into and approach it with their Lion heart, rather than with their impulsive head.

Emotional strength and E.Q. run high in lion tribe; and those in this resonance will often find themselves as empaths and/or as “the rock” in many relationships. It is however important for those in tribe to remember to honor and replenish their own hearts, and to learn not to pour all of our energies out onto (or for) others. Rest, replenishment, comfy cuddles, loyalty, honor, and quality time are must haves. Affection is a quality some may not associate with or expect from these creatures, so fierce with their enemies; but affection, love and pride of family (soul family and friends especially), are the very keystones of what make lions and lion people tick.

Always ones to be a natural leaders, it is also important for lion souls to remember the power of a Pride. As ones inclined to lead, lion souls can sometimes take on too much individually. When this happens, it is a key time to call in the power of the Guides, and the collective Pride, remembering how to trust, delegate, and work with others in power, respect, wisdom, balance, loyalty, love and light. This is why in our wilds, lions tend to run in Prides, to balance tasks, energy, and power. These prides typically range between 3-30, and many lion deities also come in packs or powers of 3. Thus the number 3 or its Christ Consciousness equivalent of 33, may run high in resonance.

As lion souls usually use their power to take on “big picture tasks”, attention to and patience for the “smaller” details or doing of life, are not typically common qualities (especially for the masculine energy aspects). While it is perfectly ok and a balanced part of nature for the lion soul to delegate these tasks to others in their group who are better suited for them, (while the lion focuses on the larger tasks and soul missions at hand), it is helpful for the lion to remember that these other aspects and details of life, while sometimes tedious, are also a valued skillset requiring energy use. Respect and gratitude towards those helping with these tasks, will go a long way; and the lion soul should also learn to sometimes step out of their hyper-focus (and their comfort zone), and attempt some of these tasks once in a while, as called and able to do so.

As lions and lion soul aspects are also natural protectors of the many, fierceness and a built-in inclination to protect those they care about, is a known quality. Lion Souls and Deity can protect you with amazing strength and capacity. I have however found that a lion soul downtrodden with life or over-dedicated to service, will tend to protect others at the expense of themselves, which in the long run does not serve anyone, and should be course corrected in habit repatterning as soon as possible.

Passions and fire also always run high in lion soul group (they don’t have the expression 🦁Lion Hearted🫀 for nothing ;). This is why in young or territorial lion souls, anger (another form of passion) may be easily triggered. But as one grows, further compassion is cultivated for others and for self; and self mastery steps back to the forefront, allowing for stability and grace of passion power.

In nature, lions tend to sleep up to 21 hours a day, 24 if they’ve just taken in a big meal (or a big “issue”) to digest. This brings us to the importance of digestion, (especially with the digestion, or the processing, of the big issues lion people tend to take on); and to the necessity of rest and self care. They often run a mile (or more), very quickly, effortlessly using their energies and powers towards handling a big task, and then need plenty of time to conk out and restore. This is also why lion people are often a mix of outgoing (within the right groups or environments), and introverted, in need of quiet time for the refueling of their energies. When lions or lion people are stressed, depressed, sick, or overwhelmed, it usually has ties to them not tapping into the power or allowance for self care; or to the cruciality of honoring their time needs, and the natural (and necessary) rhythms of the “rest and digest” period/parasympathetic nervous system. Usually this is when you will see them easily triggered, or getting lax or restless in their self care habits, having simply run out of the energy or will to do so, after depleting their systems. For this reason, lion totem people and especially Lyran starseeds, often run into autoimmune, digestive, thyroid, nervous system, or solar plexus issues to clear, as far as health is concerned. As lions are used to being honored and well compensated with a “lion’s share” when they provide, lions souls in service (or carrying the lion’s share of anything), should also be careful to allow a proper balance of receive for their immense levels of give. Failure to do this, or falling into the traps, patterns or habits of overgiving, will often deplete a lion or fill them with consuming resentment. This may then show in their health, strength, vitality, or will to continue to give, without proper replenishment, honor, and recognition of their efforts. This can however be rectified and course corrected, with recognition and repatterning of the habits, proper self care, rebalancing of power and care within soul groups, and reactivation of the higher leonine qualities and energies. Lyran or lion souls are also often called by soul, to rebalance the ego with heart and soul, either for themselves or to do with their work along with that of the collective.

All in all, Lions (& lion or Lyran souls) are originals. They carry the power and regality of the Sun and the Stars, able to wield power in the sunshine and the starlight. They are dignitaries of this power, of courage, strength, and divine authority.

Lions have fascinated humanity for, well as long as there has been a humanity (😉😉 starseeds); and there are cave paintings of lions dating back at least 39,000 years (these in particular are located throughout Germany and France by the way, not your typically thought of lion territory). As Goddesses and Gods go, Lions show up in many a form, some of which you’ll find below.

Lion Deity throughout the Ages:

In Egypt, lions show their face within :
• * Sekhmet, Goddess of Protection, Power, and Healing, protector of RA.

• *Tefnut and Shu, original Twin Flames, the 1st beings created by RA. Shu being God of lions, peace, air and wind; Tefnut being the Goddess of moisture, moist air, dew, and rain. Parents of Geb and Nut.

• *Bes, protector of households, mothers, children, childbirth, bedchambers, and dreams. Defender of all that is good – enemy of all that is bad.

• *the Aker of the horizon (Duaj - yesterday and Sefer - tomorrow), which by my account are the original sphinx, though many other sphinxes bear the markings of lion or Barbary Lion.

• *Maahes, God of war, protector of weather, son of Sekhmet and Ptah, Divine Child of the trinity that is the Memphis 3.

• *Some forms of Bast, and more.

In Hinduism the lion is known as simhamukha (which is also the name of a lioness deity in buddhism), and show up as :

• The Hindu vehicle or face of Ma Durga protectress, wife of lord Shiva (sometimes alternatively shown riding a tiger, another form of Lyran).

• As the deep and tantric symbol of her form as Kali, with or as Mahakala Protector of Dharma.

• And as Narasimha – divine Lion form & 4th Avatar of Lord Vishnu. Destroyer of evil, persecutor of calamity, & restorer of Dharma (along with the qualities of Vishnu as Preserver).

In Buddhism, the lion also shows its face – and its roar, especially in the tantra and within the tantric blends of Buddhism and Hinduism. In fact with a little digging you will see the lion to be quite prevalent. The lion is heard as the Buddha’s nāda, or Simhanāda - roar and authority while preaching, as compared to (& perhaps powered by) the roar of the sacred lions. Even the couches Buddha takes throne upon, (referred to as Simhāsana), have come to be known as lion’s throne. Lion’s milk is also said to be like bodhi enlightenment, an elixir, able to eliminate countless ages of karmic affliction. The lion is also sometimes associated with Buddhist deity or bodhisattva, such as the aforementioned Simhamukha.

Also in buddhism, it is said that no animal eats a dead lion, it is only able to be destroyed by worms and compost produced within itself. This is a nod to our personal power as soul sovereign beings, to our healing journeys in eliminating self sabotage, and in regaining power and mastery over ourselves. It is also a nod to what has been long foretold, that no outside force can destroy the enlightenment of Buddhism – only evil from within can destroy it, if so given the chance or power. A lovely and powerful metaphor for the whole of humanity as well. We may be pressured, tempted, or confused by outside forces, but we can only destroy or allow ourselves to be destroyed from within … if we so concede and choose to let the darkness in, or to let it win. I so hope you continue to choose power and light wisely with me soul friends, to know your power and wield it well. If you’re here, I am sure your soul is already doing that, and I am thankful that this collection of activation may be of help to you in your journey and soul task.

Lions and lion deity are also sprinkled throughout the histories of many other kingdoms, cultural and “religious” traditions. These include Mesopotamia (stretching back to one of the oldest Goddess depictions in our world, Inanna and her lionesses), Ancient Iran, Turkey, Greco-Roman, Islamic, Gnostic, & biblical traditions. In fact Christ himself was said to be lion hearted. And I particularly resonate with the story of Daniel and the Lions, as I myself am named Danielle in this tradition.

If Lion is also your totem or spirit animal, know that you have the power to cultivate and re-emerge all of these qualities and powers, from within that of your deepest soul and Higher Selves. If you are also a Lyran Starseed, or guided by any of the Feline forms of Light, remember that your power flows even deeper. Remember that as part of the oldest civilization in our galaxy, you have access to eons of strength, knowledge, and wisdoms. As Lyrans were some of the first creators and seeders of our worlds, you too have the ability to tap this resource, to expand your personal power, and to create, reap and sow - with seeds of wisdom, strength, honor and authority, always with LyranLove and Light. You have the power to beam, embody, and enact LoveLight across the very fabric of spacetime itself. As a fellow Lyran // Lion Soul myself, I see you. I thank you for being here, *You beautiful, regal, and powerful soul. Be Blessed Always, in All Ways. With LoveLight & Light Codes ... 𓌂®©♡~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits™®©~☆🌈𓌂
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.: 175 gsm fine art paper, ready for use or for framing
.: Multiple sizes
.: Matte finish
.: For indoor use