Inner Child Intensive {Session Package}

Inner Child Intensive {Session Package}

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This package is a micro to macro Energy𓋹Healing container, designed to connect you with your (currently relevant) Inner Children; and help you to heal from a Quantum Level.

👉 Click Here, to Read an Open 🙌 Healing Letter to (y)our Inner Children 👈

This package contains : •(1) 2 hour Session (Day 1), where we will dive into your Akashic Record and Energy Field, identify current or reoccurring issues in your Life which are linked to Inner Child (& possibly connected Past Lives) traumas &/or programing; and work to heal them through the Quantum space and a live guided meditation type transmission and experience.

• & •(2) Half hour Sessions (Day 2 & 3), to act as energy smoothers and clarifiers; and to support you as you (may) experience energy shifts, integrations of the Healing Energy, &/or detox/Ascension symptoms post healing. As needed, additional support may be provided through DM, text, or email, until the completion of your final session. It is recommended that the first half hour session take place on Day 3 or 4 post Healing; then the other half hour can be scheduled as needed within a 3 week period (scheduling to be discussed, dependent upon how your soul is handling the energy adjustment). If you prefer (or as needed), these half hours can be combined to support you for longer in the immediate post healing period. Package can be added to or expanded as needed, Quantum Life Coaching and longer/wider-reaching Energy Healing packages are also available and custom created upon request. You can Contact Me with any additional questions you may have about this session or its process. *Because of the intensive nature of and commitment to these session containers, limited spots are available per month; but rest assured you will be accommodated AsAP (and taking the 1st step of purchase, is known to take a huge weight off your Inner Child's mind).

What happens when you purchase :

Once you make your purchase, you will be emailed back within 24 hours to schedule your sessions. Sessions are currently scheduled anywhere from 4 days to 4 weeks out, depending on availability, unless you have a farther ahead date in mind that you would like to secure. *If you use split-pay to purchase, you will be able to receive your reading after payment 1; it is up to you to continue your payment schedule going forward, which cannot be adjusted.

Sessions are conducted via phone for US clients &/OR Zoom/Skype for international (all time zones are accommodated).

Includes keepsake audio (or video) recordings of sessions (unless you request not to have them), to be sent via email/digital download link after session completion. Clients find these particularly helpful to remember key points; and continue to receive value in the quantum messages and lessons of session. Very often meanings will continue to unfold. Many clients are called to listen to their recordings again, and will find new messages or clarity, relevant to their time of listening. This is because the quantum guides we work with, have access and reach within all timelines, in order to provide enlightened guidance and spiritual support reaching far beyond our time of intercession.

Why Inner Child Work?

Inner Child issues have the potential to run &/or ruin our lives. Unresolved issues and imprints, can link us not only to negative or limiting belief systems and childhood trauma timelines; but also to Past Lives which mirror these experiences, in an effort to help us close such karmic cycles.

When we have unheard inner children within us, they can seek to be heard by presenting themselves through negative thoughts/thought forms, illnesses, toxic habits/patterns/cycles or addictions, limited energy/action ability (procrastination, lethargy, etc), attraction of imbalanced relationships, and more.

In my work with the Akashic Records, and Quantum Timeline resets, I’ve also found that every Inner Child wound we have, will also resonate and connect with a Past Life wound (and vice versa). This is why in my work, we seek to connect and honor both parts of the healing soul, in order to fully understand and work to resolve the presenting issue(s).

Healing, connecting with, and forming tools and practices (which will be imparted) to honor and embrace the Inner Child(ren), can be extremely powerful, and help one to live a more fulfilling, whole, and joyous life. It would be my honor to help you experience this; and embrace the enlightenment of your inner littles 🙏.

What "Results" can you expect?

Though everyone's experience will be unique, participation in this healing container means that you open a dialogue and commitment to the inner versions of you who have been neglected for far too long.

Because we will access them on a Quantum Level, you will receive information and validation for them, their/your patterns,  and the root origins of negative beliefs or behaviors. This allows us to implement healing from the root; and provide you tools, new understandings, and open lines of communication, to use going forward, so you may approach your life, loves, and manifestations from a place of more integrated wholeness.

Opt-ing into a healing like this, can get you to the roots it would take you years to find and heal on the traditional therapy track. This container, is designed to be a catalyst; and a supportive fast track for your healing integration. Though no "results" are typical (please see Disclaimer below), as each soul has their own process and level of progress, participants can expect to emerge at a new level of connectivity, clarity, enlightenment, & empowerment, which may have taken them years or lifetimes to achieve otherwise.

How to prepare for this Container :

Not much prep is needed on your part. As part of this container, I’ll be accessing your Akashic Records through your Soul’s consent and permission, so it’s important for you to acknowledge that I have that (a simple prayer stating to the Universe that I have your consent will do, rest assured I only access with Light, respect, and reverence; and your records remain private to you). Its also important for you to say something simple to your inner children, like “We’re going to work with someone to help us, alright? I promise we will be safe.”, to let them know they are about to be worked with; but will always be respected (its ok if you don’t receive a response, or if you feel silly saying it, its just important that its said).

Its also helpful if you come to your session prepared with questions or ideas of areas of your life you’d like to explore/work on. These areas can be specific memories, general questions/areas of your life such as romance, finance, health, relationships, blockages, etc. If you can’t form a question in preparation, that’s fine, your records will reveal it; but it is helpful if you have an intention or perhaps a goal in mind for our work.

Though your session will be recorded for your convenience, its also recommended for you to have a space to take your own notes, as well as water to hydrate, and a quiet/comfortable place for us to connect and work (where you can also be uninterrupted for several minutes before and after our session if possible).

Thank You for being here and being *You. I appreciate your presence; and look forward to working with *you.

With LoveLight & Light Codes ... 𓌂©~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®~🌈𓌂

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Disclaimer :

Please note that spiritual readings (&/or healings) should never be taken as absolutes. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any issue or disease; or to substitute any medical, financial, legal, or mental health care advice or treatment. If you need medical attention, it is up to you to seek medical/mental healthcare help, from an accredited professional (which I am not). I cannot be held responsible for anything you choose to do/not do, with or because of your session(s). The terms reading, medicine, and healing are used subjectively (for spiritual, educational, and “entertainment” purposes only). ‘Results’ are subjective to your energy, belief systems, and steps in which you take going forward, there are no guarantees. If you need mental health care treatment, it is recommended that you receive it from a licensed professional; and use this work as a supplemental (though I do not work in a medical capacity, I would be very pleased to work with you and your doctors or therapists, should they also consent to that).  This is not a substitute for treatment or Trauma treatment/work; but it can be a helpful supplement to such works. Your information remains anonymous; however, rights to any and all recordings, exchanges, photos, writings, formats, or practices, and the contents of my readings, recordings, &/or channelings, remain mine. You may not reproduce my works/writings, or share them without credit & my written consent. That disclaimer being said, I Am certain you were lead here for a transformative experience. If you feel comfortable doing so, I would be very pleased for you to share your testimonials via email or social media tagging me @DsEnlightenedEdits. Refunds on sessions, products, and packages are not available. Thank you for your respect and Understanding 🦋. Be Blessed and Blessings Be 𓌂𓎬☆🌈.