* BAST HAS MY BACK * Hooded Blanket /Ceremonial Hood
* BAST HAS MY BACK * Hooded Blanket /Ceremonial Hood
* BAST HAS MY BACK * Hooded Blanket /Ceremonial Hood
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, * BAST HAS MY BACK * Hooded Blanket /Ceremonial Hood

* BAST HAS MY BACK * Hooded Blanket /Ceremonial Hood

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Play double duty with this special piece - get cozy with it as a hooded blanket, or wear it as a ceremonial piece to help you invoke the Goddess, remembering the days when we cloaked ourselves as priestess or priest.

*Please note that this item is printed and ships internationally, please allow for longer delivery time.*


Part of the ‘Bast has my back’ collection, from ®©♡ #DAMCL Designs™®©~☆𓌂:

Bast (also known as Bastet in latter days) is the blessed and beautiful Cat Goddess of Ancient Egypt (and beyond ;). A sacred daughter of RA, Bast is one of the few goddesses (or deities for that matter), who resonates with both solar and lunar energies, reigning high in the light of day and strong in the glow of night. In my personal opinion and Starseed experience, Bast also hails from the stars and star systems, in and around the stars Vega and Regulus in the constellation of Lyra.
As a daughter of RA, in the day, the cat deity rides high in the solar boat with her father – protecting him and her/their devotees, as they ride the skies. Such a powerful protectress is Bast, that her father enacted her services, to protect himself and the world from the dreaded Apophis (serpent of darkness and arch enemy of RA). This is part of the reason why Bast and her domestic cat embodiments became so revered; because Bast and her domesticated feline friends, were (and are still) able to guard and protect souls and households from darkness and disease, as well as keep physical pests (snakes, mice, etc) away from food, crops, and sacred spaces.
A Goddess of protection, the home, warfare, beauty, joy, music, the arts, perfumes & healing ointments, music, fertility, women (though men in respect and love of her are most honored too), women’s secrets, magick (heka), and mysticism, Bast is both a powerful and beautiful example of Divine Feminine. Sweet, smart, strong and loving, she can delight or defend to the utmost ability. She can help you find love, light, joy, and creative power, even through the shadows of the self and the shadows of this life. This is why she is often depicted as a black cat, because Bast will never fear walking with and protecting her children through the shadows of the dark night.
If you are a child of Bast (or a fractal part of her consciousness, as channel, priestess or priest for that matter), consider yourself blessed & divinely favored. Bast is one of my patrons (along with her alternate avatar/lioness form of Sekhmet). She & I created this energy artwork series of items & explanatory transmission for you, to adorn yourself &/or your spaces, and to build your energetic & symbolic vocabulary; so that you may always have a reminder that you are powerful, loved, blessed, and protected beyond measure.
Whether you choose to wear or display these as fashion pieces or as spiritual enhancements, may you always know that Bast has your back. Our sincerest thanks and gratitude to you, for your support, and for continuing to be of light and pay tribute to her, as you journey.
FYI, this piece contains the light codes, hieroglyphics, and sacred symbols of :
*Bast, 𓌂 *Sekhem – divine energy, authority, protection, and power.
* 𓁿 Eye of RA – Solar power, God RA energy, wisdom, as well as Divine Feminine and Goddess energy power/perspective, (as the Eye of RA is said to be a goddess in her own rite, sometimes identified as Re, Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Tefnut, Mut, and Bast).
* 𓂀 Eye of Horus – Divine Masculine, lunar power, good luck, and divine child/divine masculine Horus energy.
*and within the sacred Ankh 𓋹 (key of life) :
* 𓋽 the Se-sheshet/Sistrum – divine feminine instrument/blessing of music and frequency (a favorite tool of Bast, Hathor, and Isis).
* 𓎛 𓂓 𓏜 the symbol for Heka - Egyptian magick.
* 𓏲 the Hu - breath of life.
* 𓍶 the Shen divine and grounded protection.
*Abundance and prosperity symbol.
* 𓂓 the Ka – animating life force/chi.
* 𓋴 the Cloth – health and healing.
* 𓍳 the Sa – divine feminine protection.
* 𓇳 the sacred Sun / RA – divine masculine, RA, and solar power.
* 𓎰 Bast’s blessed name, and another * 𓌂 Sekhem – this time for Sekhmet.

*Please note that this is a very brief summary of each. A detailed digital downloads explanation of these sacred symbols and light codes can be purchased additionally, to understand and utilize them better, keep reading for details.*

To learn more about the glyphs and energies, please purchase our * BAST HAS MY BACK * digital download, Light Codes Reference & Hieroglyphs Guide ⬅️ Here 𓍶𓇳 .

May the Goddess bless you (& your holidays), in all her forms  𓎰 𓌂  𓋹

With LoveLight & Light Codes ... 𓌂©~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®~🌈𓌂

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Product Details:

.: 95% Polyester 3% Viscose 2% Spandex

.: One side print

.: Water absorbing, easy cleaning

* PLEASE NOTE this item takes longer to ship as its an internationally printed piece.

Length, in 80
Width, in 55.99