Evergreen Energy, Mandala Magick ® {digital download, for meditation & manifestation}

Evergreen Energy, Mandala Magick ® {digital download, for meditation & manifestation}

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Presenting Evergreen Energy, Mandala Magick® … a #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Energy Art piece, blessed with the energies of (Winter) Solstice & Yule, to help tap you into the mystical magick of the season, &/or the energy of evergreen trees, whenever you like.

This image can be saved to your devices (which helps with zoom in capabilities & energy on the go), &/or Printed for :

✅ visual 👁 meditation,

💚🙌💚 energy sending and receiving,

🟢 placing upon altars 🕯,

💚 use in journals 📗,

✅ or as portable bases for mandas, manifestations, & crystal grids.

Imbued with Energy, Light Codes, and Quantum Properties, this piece also has the power to act as a portal (read more about this type of energy art below); as well as to shift and enhance energy with you, each time you work with it.

Containing an 8 pointed star (octogram), as its central portal; this sacred geometry shape, has long been considered divine (& multidimensional) to Goddesses such as Inanna, mathematicians, alchemists, energy and starbeings alike. This star than morphs and expands, to 12 points and beyond.

As a meditation suggestion for the piece, I recommend picturing the star start to rotate - counterclockwise to clear energy, clockwise to attract it.

Designed to be unique in each and every sight, however you mediate with the piece is right.

When you make your purchase, you’ll immediately be taken to a digital downloads page, to download your copy of the png file.

Please Remember : This is NOT a physical product; it is an 8.5 MB, png file download. Decorations and frame are NOT included, centerpiece image only.

*Please note : this file is not for sharing, reprinting, alteration, or publication outside of your own private use. You agree to respect this energy and community as you purchase, knowing it is blessed and shared already in LoveLight (see disclaimer below for more).

You can Read more about my style of energy art below; and click here to read more about the ▶️ Magick of Mandalas, on a page where you can also purchase your own custom pieces.

You may also be interested in ➡️ Mandala of the Month ™®, where a new piece of Energy Art is released, each 1st  Monday of the month(posted each 1st Monday, by 1:11pm EST🇺🇸).

Thank you for being here and enjoying in the energy beautiful souls, please invite your friends and soul fam to purchase too 🥰 (in this way, you may also use the pieces to send and receive energy with friends/family/clients who’ve also purchased)🕊.

Blessed, and Evergreen Seasons to you and yours 🎄♾💚.

With LoveLight & Light Codes ... 𓌂®©~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®©~🌈𓌂

📸 Be sure to tag me on Instagram @DsEnlightenedEdits & use the hashtag #DAMCLDesigns, to share how you work with, enjoy, and display your pieces ✨.

* If you’re called to work with me spiritually, Click Here, for Quantum sessions and more.

More about our #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Quantum Energy Imagery :

#DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Quantum Energy Infusion Imagery®, is a process created by my guides and myself, whereby following divine guidance, I create and utilize images and artworks, then layer and mirror them, to aide in the viewing of interdimensional faces, energies, sacred shapes, energy portals, light codes, and light beings. Any faces you see are not added purposefully, they naturally appear through my guides and my quantum transmissionary process.

These pieces are energy activating, especially to your third eye; and have the power to lift and shift with you, meaning you may be able to perceive new faces and codes, as you continue to look, feel, and work with them. Although they are amazing pieces of artwork, and will energetically enhance the beauty and aura of any space, they really shine when worked with as meditation focal points. Zoom in and look closely to get the full effects, as littles love to say hello and make their big presence known.

Custom #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™ Energy Artworks are available ⬅️ Here.

Disclaimer :
Please note that all writings, prayers, sessions, energy image infusions, activations/healings, products etc, are subjective and cannot be guaranteed. I as the artist retain the rights to all produced content, writings and imagery, and to their dissemination and reproduction. Not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any issue or disease, or be used as a replacement for treatment from a licensed physician. The terms healing/blessing/miracles are used subjectively (for educational or “entertainment” purposes). Those in need of medical attention, should seek medical/mental healthcare consultation and treatment, from an accredited professional (which I am not). I cannot be held responsible for anything you choose to do with or because of my works, advice, or services. All rights to content, processes, and intellectual properties, remain mine; you may not reproduce or share without credit given or my written consent. If you feel comfortable doing so, I would love for you to share reviews, &/or posts of you enjoying your pieces via social media, and appreciate it if you would credit and tag me, so others know where to find the service/artworks. Refunds are not available. Thank you for your respect and Understanding 🦋. Be Blessed and Blessings Be 𓌂𓎬𓊽🌈.𓁿©www.DAMCLDesigns.com™® 𓌂𓎬