Eagle Activation 🔹 Quantum Canvas 🔹 #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ | #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™®
Eagle Activation 🔹 Quantum Canvas 🔹 #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ | #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™®
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Eagle Activation 🔹 Quantum Canvas 🔹 #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ | #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™®
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Eagle Activation 🔹 Quantum Canvas 🔹 #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ | #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™®

Eagle Activation 🔹 Quantum Canvas 🔹 #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ | #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™®

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Activate the Eagle Eye 🦅🧿🦅 within any space, with these gorgeous Quantum Canvases
{featuring #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ & #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® energy infusions}!

• Acid-free, PH-neutral, poly-cotton base
• 20.5 mil (0.5 mm) thick poly-cotton blend canvas
• Canvas fabric weight: 13.9 oz/yd2(470 g/m²)
• Fade-resistant. Matte finish coating.
• Hand-stretched over solid wood stretcher bars. 1.5″ (3.81 cm) deep
• Mounting brackets included

About our Eagle Activation 🦅🧿🦅 #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ & #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® energy infusion:

Like most of our #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® energy infusion imagery®, this piece is designed for meditation & energy activation. This one however, is extra special to me, as my grandfather also uses the Eagle as his animal guide and spirit sign.

🦅 The Eagle in this image, collectively resonates with the energies of RA & Hathor; coming through (from Egypt & Beyond 🌌), with the energy of the Violet Flame 🔥💜🔥, and upon the Rainbow Ray 🌈✨. It is intended to educate, inspire, cleanse, bless, enlighten, strengthen, and uplift. I see RA as a grandfather type to the world anyway, as he resonates of the oldest consciousnesses in our galaxy. He is the 1 who became 3, creating original Twin Flames Shu and Tefnut from his own being. He is the Sun, a giver of life; and most forms of life are believed to have been created by RA (after 𓎛Ptah birthed Light into existence and allowed RA/Atum to see himself).𓇳

𓁿 It is also very special for Hathor to show up in this activation, as she is often one of the Goddesses connected with RA, especially in terms of The (right) Eye of RA, where Divine Feminine consciousness is said to sit 𓇳𓁿. You can read more about this in the descriptions of my🌈 Rainbow Re(RA) Infusion collection; & within my * BAST HAS MY BACK * digital download, Light Codes Reference & Hieroglyphs Guide. 🌌🌞🌈 Additionally, The Hathors, are a star race within themselves, resonating with the energies of our Sun and of the planet Venus. Sometimes also connected with the Taras, the Hathors amalgamated with Isis within Egyptian lore and mythology, when they journeyed through her gateway star of Sirius, to get to our Earth plane. Hathor is also known as the Twin Flame of Horus/Heru within certain time/space spectrums. 🕊Avians are a star race within themselves as well, and a very sacred one at that, coming from a variety of star systems throughout the galaxies🕊🌌.

🌟 If you look closely at the mirroring effect within this image, where the (circling) eagle heads meet, you may tap into the energy of Hathor... wings outstretched, helping you to welcome in more of your divine blessings. Because our #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® is known and able to shift through the quantum, look at this area in another way, and you may also be able to see an owl at the center of these heads. Owls are known not only to represent wisdom, but the Goddesses Lakshmi & Athena. Making this area of the imagery a powerful combination of wisdom, blessings, abundance, and strength 🦉🦉🦉.

🔴 You will also notice that the center of this image releases a gorgeous portal mandala, laced with the Rainbow Light 🌈. As a meditation suggestion, it is recommended that you picture yourself at the center of this mandala, bathed in the light of the Rainbow Ray 🌈🌟🌈, allowing the four large eagles to protect you from all directions, and rainbow love and light to wash over, cleanse, fill, and fuel you from above, below, and heart center. You may also wish to picture the Hathor/Lakshmi eagles (mentioned above) coming down, wrapping their wings around you, enlightening and blessing you, with all the love of the mother Goddess. 🔵

*You may also choose to connect with this piece through Shamanic #SpiritAnimalMedicine ™ for Eagle 🦅:

Eagle as a spirit guide or totem animal, speaks about perspective and power. Eagles know how to fly above it all, and how to make powerful decisions from their higher(self) vantage point. They are masters at using energy wisely, often soaring or coasting across the wind, rather than flapping to fly.

🙏 Deities associated with Eagle include:

RA & Horus (more traditionally falcon), Lord Vishnu’s vahana Garuda, Zeus (keeper of the Golden Eagle), Helios, Acanthis, & more. Even the christian bible recognizes the power of eagle, mentioning them numerous times with Moses, and with “God’s Strength” often taking 🦅 shape.

They represent resilience and reBirth, herald new beginnings, and renew stamina in those who have been sunken or sullen by life’s passages. Known to represent leadership and authority, eagle will always stand by a visionary who is willing to call in and embody more of their power. Embodying your power sometimes means pushing the limits, and eagle can help you to do this with greater courage or ease.

Physically, they are found in many corners of our globe. Of course we are all familiar with the American eagle, though my favorite happens to be the giant eagle of the Philippines 🦅. Eagles were chosen as a symbol of freedom, and though from a country standpoint, we may not always live up to that, Eagle is always standing by as a guide to help those who are truly ready to Be Free.

Eagles are revered in many cultures, and you would be hard pressed to find a country that doesn’t respect them. Native American & Celtic cultures, have some of the world’s oldest associations; with Native Americans holding Eagle as sacred. They believe it to be the closet creature to The Creator or Great Spirit, as illustrated by its ability to fly the highest of all. Also being one of the wisest creatures, American Indigenous also believe eagle to deliver visions, and carry prayers to Great Spirit. Their feathers, are recognizable in many Native ceremonies; but perhaps most famous for being held while speaking, in evidence of one telling the truth.

Across the pond, the Celts have long associated eagle with dexterity and problem solving, believing that it has the power to transmit skills and intelligence to its followers. Wales was lucky enough to see the famed Golden Eagle once upon a time. And in Gaelic, the white tailed eagle is called ‘lolaire suile na grien’ or ‘the eagle with the sunlit eye’ ... a perfect full circle moment for this piece also associated with RA & his eye 🌞.

About #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Quantum Energy Imagery :
#DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® Quantum Energy Infusion Imagery®, is a process created by my guides and myself, whereby following divine guidance, I create and utilize images and artworks, then layer and mirror them, to aide in the viewing of interdimensional faces, energies, sacred shapes, energy portals, light codes, and light beings. Any faces you see are not added purposefully, they naturally appear through my guides and my quantum transmissionary process.

These pieces are energy activating, especially to your third eye; and have the power to lift and shift with you, meaning you may be able to perceive new faces and codes, as you continue to look, feel, and work with them. Although they are amazing pieces of artwork, and will energetically enhance the beauty and aura of any space, they really shine when worked with as meditation focal points. Zoom in and look closely to get the full effects, as littles love to say hello and make their big presence known.

You can now purchase custom #DAMCLDivineMirroring ™® energy infusion imagery® Activations. Click ⬅️ to check the collections page, or DM us for inquiries and further options.

Quantum Sessions also available HERE ⬅️.

We very much hope that you enjoy the energy infusion of these pieces 🙏🦅❤️🎨✨. Please Tag us on Instagram ➡️ @DsEnlightenedEdits , #DAMCLDesigns ®, so that we can see and share with you in all your splendor 🦅. Be blessed beautiful soul 🙏 Salamat/Thank*You for being here 🌎. With LoveLight & LightCodes … 𓌂💙💜®©~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits ™®©~☆🌈𓌂𓁿© www.DAMCLDESIGNS.com ™®𓌂🌈

Disclaimer :
Please note that spiritual readings and image activations are subjective and can not be guaranteed. These should never be taken as absolutes. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any issue or disease. The term healing is used subjectively. If you need medical attention, it is up to you to seek medical/mental healthcare help, from an accredited professional (which I am not). I cannot be held responsible for anything you choose to do with or because of your reading or activation. All rights to photos, writings, formats, and the contents of my readings, recordings, imagery, processes, &/or channelings, remain mine. If you feel comfortable doing so, I would be very pleased for you to share photos enjoying your purchase via social media *if you credit and tag me; however you may not reproduce my works/writings, or share them without credit &/or written consent. Refunds on readings and activations are not available. Thank you for your respect and Understanding 🦋. Be Blessed and Blessings Be 𓌂𓎬𓊽🌈.𓁿𓍶


Size guide

  12×12 16×16
Height (inches) 12 16
Width (inches) 12 16
  12×12 16×16
Height (cm) 30 41
Width (cm) 30 41