* BAST HAS MY BACK * digital download, Light Codes Reference & Hieroglyphs Guide.

* BAST HAS MY BACK * digital download, Light Codes Reference & Hieroglyphs Guide.

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Enjoy this multipage digital guide to accompany and further understand your *Bast has my back * collection pieces (&/or to use on its own ;).

In this guide and transmission, you will come to further understand and connect with Bast, as well as learn about (& how to use/meditate with) the 14 special light encoded hieroglyphics in the imagery.

Included are :

𓌂 *Sekhem – divine energy, authority, protection, and power.

* 𓁿 Eye of RA – Solar power, God RA energy, wisdom, as well as Divine Feminine and Goddess energy power/perspective, (as the Eye of RA is said to be a goddess in her own rite, sometimes identified as Re, Wadjet, Sekhmet, Hathor, Tefnut, Mut, and Bast).

* 𓂀 Eye of Horus – Divine Masculine, lunar power, good luck, and divine child/divine masculine Horus energy.

*and within the sacred Ankh 𓋹 (key of life) :

* 𓋽 the Se-sheshet/Sistrum – divine feminine instrument/blessing of music and frequency (a favorite tool of Bast, Hathor, and Isis).

* 𓎛 𓂓 𓏜 the symbol for Heka - Egyptian magick.

* 𓏲 the Hu - breath of life.

* 𓍶 the Shen divine and grounded protection.

*Abundance and prosperity symbol.

* 𓂓 the Ka – animating life force/chi.

* 𓋴 the Cloth – health and healing.

* 𓍳 the Sa – divine feminine protection.

* 𓇳 the sacred Sun / RA – divine masculine, RA, and solar power.

* 𓎰 Bast’s blessed name, and another * 𓌂 Sekhem – this time for Sekhmet.

It is my hope that not only will you wear/display your pieces with style & pride, but that you will work with them using this guide, and allow them to work with you, using the understandings of these energies, to tap further into your power, with the faith & feeling of Bast and the Divine (of all forms) truly having your back. May you be blessed. With LoveLight and Light Codes ... ©♡~Danielle, #DAMCL ™, @DsEnlightenedEdits™®~☆🌈