Holidays 2022

Danielle (@DsEnlightenedEdits), has been an awakened psychic and spirit medium since her earliest memories at age 3. Having committed her life to spiritual study, she has now worked in the fields of metaphysics for over a decade, helping clients all around our world.

A session with Danielle can connect a client not only with loved ones in spirit; but also with your Spirit &/or Animal Guides & Angels, own Higher Self(Soul), Quantum energy Field, and more. This allows Danielle to help her clients understand their energy, patterns, and belief systems, in order to heal their past, and create a more comprehensively aligned future.

Danielle currently uses her gifts in many ways; and through a myriad of Spiritual Session and service types.

If you're looking for an out-of-this-World gift this Holiday season, Danielle has over 15 Spiritual Session and Energy Artwork Gift Certificate options.

With oracle offerings beginning at $36; + Buy 1 Get 1 for 11% off Holiday offer for Session 🎁 Certificates (for a limited time), this is a fantastic opportunity to make the most of this season, for You & those you love. Session Certificates can be purchased up to 1 year in advance to lock in pricing. Get yours now by visiting:

Danielle is currently taking on additional 1on1 clients who are ready to go beyond session work and transform, through the power of her Quantum, Sekhem, and Shamanic Energy Healing, &/or Life + Consciousness Coaching containers. Those interested can find more info; and Contact her to apply, via: 

Here on her website, you'll also find access to her energy artwork and enlightened merch designs; some of which donate a portion of their profits to Danielle's favorite charitable organizations.

You can read more about Danielle and her gifts, by viewing her bio here :

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