Contact Me about Quantum Energy Healing, Soul Retrieval, Consciousness Coaching, &/or Spiritual Advising:

Interested in going beyond Session work; and really Healing?

Ready to take the next steps on your journey, and enhance your enlightenment with the highest levels of Spiritual Support?

Contact me here for a consultation, and let’s see if we’re a good fit to work together through the deepest and the highest levels. I pride myself on building custom containers for my clients, which will support your healing, gifts, and growth.

As an activated Quantum + Sekhem Energy Healer & Shamanic Practitioner for many years and lifetimes, it is my greatest honor to work with someone as they venture on the journey of healing their soul, and allowing that to heal and advance their life and body.

Custom containers and packages allow us to work deeply together, digging to the roots of issues or energy blockages, calling back “lost” parts of your Soul (through trauma informed Soul Retrievals), shifting timelines and mindsets, reading(/sometimes even re-writing) your Akashic Records, growing/understanding your gifts, and more … stepping into the Life & Power you were made for.

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Please fill out the form below with good contact information/times you are normally available; and I will contact you back within 48 hours for us to set up a time for our consultation. US consultations can be done via phone, international via Zoom or Skype. Feel free to use the notes section to add your current goals, issues, or questions about the process.

As a Disclaimer please note that the term Healing is used subjectively for Spiritual Education/“entertainment” purposes. I am not a doctor or an accredited healthcare professional. Not intended to diagnose, treat, or cure any non-spiritual illness, or substitute medical treatment. Always seek medical attention from a licensed professional if you need it.