Danielle’s Bio

Danielle (#DAMCL ®, @DsEnlightenedEdits ®) is a 34 year old (queer identified, female) from Long Island, NY; who has been an awakened spirit and psychic medium, since her earliest memories at age 3. This is when she and her family remember her continually speaking to and coloring with Spirit, Angelics, and Mother Mary, as if they were physically in the room. Through the years, Danielle fully accepted, activated, and advanced her gifts, by committing to spiritual practice and study, enjoying the understanding and use of technique and traditions from all around the world.

Beginning as a teenager, mainly connecting clients with angelics and loved ones in spirit, Danielle is very proud to have expanded her gifts and reading styles over the years, now focusing much of her work on the Quantum Consciousness Space. This means she works with a client’s energy, beyond space and time; helping them to understand and impact their own energetic fields.

During a session, Danielle may connect a client with passed over loved ones, or with Spirit Guides, Spirit Animals or Nature Spirits, their own Higher Selves, Deities (from various pantheons & practices), or with their own Inner Masculine/Feminine Balance, Inner Children, Past Lives, or Akashic Record. This enables the client to understand more of their own personal (&/or ancestral) patterns and karmas; and how their energy may be helping or hindering events in their life.

Danielle is very passionate about bridging the gap between spiritual and scientific (self) development; and will often combine the two, helping a client to create, attain, and maintain their own toolkit of connection, in order to progress, and live their lives to the fullest.

In addition to giving reading sessions to clients all around the world (thanks to the power and interconnectivity of both spirit and the internet), Danielle also channels, writes, and creates energy infused content, artworks, and designs (some of which she makes available as printed pieces and merch items). She enjoys using her gifts and years of study to teach, and speak in the fields of metaphysics and motivation; as well as to work with clients through (metaphysically and trauma-informed) Quantum, Sekhem, & Shamanic Energy Healing, and Life + Consciousness Coaching, live events, and courses.

She specializes in helping others to raise their consciousness, heal; and better understand the magick of their own Souls, in addition to the worlds within, and all around us… in connecting *You, with all the dots of the Divine Design.

Her clients have now stretched across 6 continents; and include fellow Intuitives, Empaths, highly sensitive people, artists, musicians, writers, mental health professionals, those who have identified as Awakened, Lightworkers, Healers, Twin Flames, or Starseeds, and those who are simply wishing to connect, Heal their own (or their families’) belief systems, karmas, &/or patterns, experience the worlds of spirit, and rise - into a better reality.

Danielle’s healing hands were activated for energy healing over 6 years ago, after she began overcoming many of the physical conditions which had plagued her body and spirit for most of her life. Not long after this, Danielle’s team helped her to activate her distance energy healing abilities and Vocal Light Code energies, which have allowed her to enact healing for clients all around the world (& beyond ;). She is an experienced and studied practitioner of Quantum, Sekhem, and Shamanic Energy Healing modalities, as well as being a valued and trauma-informed Life and Consciousness Coach (currently accepting Client Applications here).

In addition to her passion for metaphysics, Danielle is personally passionate about music, (Classic) film, writing, photography, the arts, digital design arts, theater, mindfulness, motivation, neuroscience, animals, the ancient world, Mother Nature, homeopathy, and embracing a more holistic lifestyle. Danielle is always striving to find ways to help others empower themselves, connect things more beautifully, and remember the interconnectivity, lesson, light, Love, or blessings, within all things.

You can connect with her here on www.DAMCLDesigns.com, which hosts both her spiritual and energy art services, as well as contains tickets to her live zoom events, and houses her energy-infused designs, which are available on enlightened merch items, digital downloads and more.

Be sure to follow on social media @DsEnlightenedEdits, (mainly Instagram and YouTube at the moment), for daily inspirations, channelings, and live content, as well as tune into the #ChatAndChannel ® Sessions podcast, for weekly energy insights.