Hello 👋 its Me 😉

Hi loves 👋 been a while since I introduced myself, & there are some lovely new faces + follows here, on Instagram & YouTube, so I thought I'd say hello 🤗.

If you're new here, welcome. My name is Danielle, I'm a Psychic medium + Spiritual Advisor , Quantum Channel + Energy Healer, Metaphysical Teacher, Consciousness Coach, & Energy Artist.

I've been at this all my life (& many others), working with clients for over a decade. Thanks to spirit & the internet, I've been blessed to reach people & help clients all around the world (my website says 86 countries so far 🥳).

I also teach, & make energy enhanced + inspired content, energy art, & designs.

Frankly, I do & enjoy a lot of things...most of them fanciful 🧚🏻‍♀️🌳🌈🌠, all of them rooted in LoveLight & Universal Truth!

One of my favorite things to do is help people see how special their energy is. I'm not the typical reader. I'm not here to just connect you with spirit. I'm here to help you connect to & understand all the parts of you. We'll talk with Spirit, loved ones in spirit, Spirit + Animal Guides, various forms of deity, star family etc, Sure. But the goal is always to give you a comprehensive view energetically. I want to help connect all those things for you, help you understand & utilize your energy powerfully. I'm not here to read your future 🔮. My purpose is to help you understand everything that's gotten you here, everything that could be projecting you there, +heal or learn what you can do differently, should you want to Enhance or change your experience.

That's why I am now taking on additional 1on1 clients for my transformational Quantum, Sekhem, & Shamanic Energy Healing, & Life + Consciousness Coaching, services. Contact me through the Links ⬇️ to apply, & elevate your energy as we enter a new year!

🎁 Currently, I'm also having a Buy1Get1 Holiday price break on Spiritual Session (💝) Certificates (which you can also use for you 😉); so there is no shortage of ways to work with me & invest in your (or loved ones') energy! 🎁🔮Links ~ http://www.DAMCLDesigns.com/products/GiftASession

Be Blessed & Thanks for Being Here 🖖
With LoveLight & LightCodes...
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