Consciousness; and the Power of your 3 Votes… 👈👈Watch this. 👉Read this 👉If you're American & (hopefully) voting today, Or if you're a citizen of the world - voting on anything at any time ...

Remember, that each of you actually have 3 votes :

1️⃣ Whatever you decide at the ballot.

2️⃣ Your intention(s), hope, or goal(s), for or behind those decisions.

3️⃣ Your (quantum/energetic) Consent, freewill, & the power that's catalyzed by How You choose to react, to whatever life or country throw your way.
(🌟 Remember, if you do not get to know & heal yourSelf, + get to know how to utilize your power, & the power of your emotions, others may use them *for you).

As Gloria Steinem shares in this clip, Consciousness (& in my opinion, how we choose to use or expand it), is the biggest goal or impact we can have in this world.

Election Day or not, each of us casts a vote with Consciousness each day.

If you're American, I hope you will use your voting rights wisely, in ways that feel good for you & those you care about.

& For all the citizens of the world, I pray the awakenings help us each remember how to use our Votes of Consciousness each day, in ways that serve our greatest goods.

All 3 of your Votes matter. You decide whether to play the game, or work to write a new one 🎲♟🧩🌠.

It's why I do what I do 🔮.

I'm so proud that you are here being *you, & being interested in that too 🙏.

Whatever happens today or any day, I hope you Remember Your #Power 🦁🫀✌🖖.

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Be Blessed, beautiful+Powerful Souls.
Thanks Again for Being here 🌐🌎😇.
With LoveLight & LightCodes...
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